Feeling Limited by 5 Gallon Kegging?

Torpedo Keg

You know you want to serve cocktails on tap. Or maybe you already do, but now you’d like to batch drinks in even bigger volumes. Bigger batches means more drinks across the bar faster. 200+ drink batches are attractive, but how do you do that? 

You could daisy-chain a bunch of five gallon kegs together, but that’s difficult, expensive, and takes up too much of your valuable space. If the beverage is prone to separation, you’re also going to need to stir every one of those kegs. The solution, of course, is bigger kegs! 

10 Gallon Kegs

10 gallon Cornelius kegs are easy to find (see links below) and double your batching capacity for cocktails on tap without sacrificing much more floor or bar space than a five gallon keg. Stirring isn’t a problem, as the Kegnado keg stirrer works perfectly on 10 gallon Cornelius kegs and can be implemented in a few minutes. You can still lift a full 10 gallon Keg, which clocks in at just under 100 pounds, although your bartender will not need to shake it anymore once Kegnado is stirring the batch for you. Mix up 10 gallons of Bloody Mary at noon, get the Kegnado spinning, and your bartender just pulls the tap the rest of the day while your customers get consistent pours in their hands fast. 

10 Gallon Keg with handles 

Sources for 10 Gallon Cornelius Kegs

Cornelius Kegs

Keg Outlet

Sharpsville Container (Part # 29764)

15 Gallon Kegs

15 gallon Torpedo kegs are too heavy to lift for one person, but they do provide even more batching volume for your cocktails-on-tap program. Kegnado is developing a stirrer for 15 gallon Torpedos that will be out soon. With Kegnado keeping the mixture continuously stirred, you can serve as many as 450 margaritas from just one batch, with the 450th pour as perfect as the first. Now THAT’S a happy hour!

15 Gallon keg

Sources for 15 Gallon Torpedo Kegs

Howdy Brewer

More Beer


Your signature cocktails and cocktails-on-tap program brings the customers in your door. Consistent drinks from the first to the last pour keeps them coming back. And now that’s easier and more profitable than ever with the Kegnado keg stirrer stirring it up in 10 and 15 gallon kegs!

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