Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kegnado?

Kegnado is the first and only keg stirrer compatible with a Cornelius keg. The ease of use, brilliant engineering and simple design allow drinks of all kinds to be kept continuously stirred and then served on draft.

What is the warranty?

Kegnado is backed by 2 warranties:

60 Day Love It or Return It Satisfaction Guarantee

One Year Manufacturer's Parts & Defects Warranty

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Can I use Kegnado with bigger kegs?

Kegnado can stir Cornelius Style 5- and 10-gallon kegs, and our T15 Kegnado Shaft is just the right length for the Torpedo 15-gallon kegs. We also produce a custom-made 30-gallon non-pressurized food-safe barrel for large batches.

How often do I need to clean my Kegnado?

First, always follow the applicable federal, state, tribal, and local regulations regarding health and safety laws. Second, we recommend that the Kegnado be cleaned before the first use, but also immediately after the keg has been emptied and before it is inserted into the next keg.

Which kit is right for me?

If you already own a Cornelius keg, then the Kegnado Kit will get you up and running. However, if you don’t own a keg, you’ll want to check out the Go-Kit or Saturday Night Special Kit, as those kits include the keg itself. If you're not sure - just ask us!

Do I need any spare (or extra) parts?

Maybe yes, but maybe no. Every application is different, but we recommend that along with your initial Kegnado purchase you add in the following:
1. Cleaning Brush Kit
2. Spare parts (allows other parts to be cleaned without down time)
- Shaft assembly
- Lid
3. Additional parts
- Plug and lid
Depending on your location, regulation, internal permissions etc., you may be able to have back up kegs with cocktails pre-batched and ready to go. If this is the case, we recommend using a spare lid and plug, then seal and pressurize it so it’s ready to go when your other keg runs out. Obviously you will need to release the pressure before removing the plug, but once that is done you can insert the new stinger, reattach the motor and you’re up and running again.
- Stinger and lid
Similar to the additional plug and lid scenario above, this option keeps your keg sealed and pressurized, so the only swap you need to do is rotate the old keg out for the new and reattach the motor. This is ideal for the fastest keg changes as well as situations where you can not open the keg once it has been sealed.
- Blade kits
These are small parts but are crucial to making Kegnado work. We recommend keeping some spares on hand just in case one gets broken or lost.
4. Keg cooler, taps, etc.
These are not products we sell, but the Kegnado is built to go inline with your existing taps. It can be a stand alone unit if you have the ability to pressurize it and have a portable tap handle.

How can I get answers for questions I don't see listed here?

Call us directly at 833-KEGNADO and we will be more than happy to help you out.

*Have there been any studies?

There have. In fact, one study shows 25% of customers have left to go to a venue with faster service. They also found that long wait times, inconsistency and lower quality drinks have negatively impacted the customer experience.

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Can I adjust the stirring speed?

Kegnado's motor is programmed to stir at a gentle, continuous 260 RPM. Other speeds may be available in the future.

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