• Cocktails on tap backlit bar

    Increase Speed of Service

    A mixed drink can easily require 3-10 ingredients, which may take 90 seconds or up to 5 minutes to measure, mix, pour and serve PER CUSTOMER. Meanwhile, the bottleneck of patrons ready to pay for drinks grows. By stirring your cocktails on tap with Kegnado, you can pour and serve each drink in just 10-15 seconds, depending on garnishing, increasing service speed by at least 300%, conservatively.

  • Cocktails on tap

    Serve More, Earn More

    By increasing the speed at which your bartenders can serve each customer, you can move more drinks over the counter, increasing profit. For example, you can move 2-3 additional drinks over the bar per minute compared to hand-mix. At $6 gross profit per drink and 2 more per minute, that’s $1200 an hour extra you could be raking in on your peak times - with little to no additional labor. 

  • Cocktails on tap

    Control Drink Consistency

    Kegnado promises perfect pours for your cocktails on tap, from first pour to last pour and every pour in between. By continuously stirring from the bottom of the keg, Kegnado creates a swirling vortex, keeping ingredients prone to separation perfectly mixed. No shaking required, no settling of ingredients, and every drink from the batch will taste exactly the same. No overpour, underpour, or waste of product.

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