Simplifying Kegnado Power Supply: A Game Changer for Your Bar

Ok, you are ready to dive into the world of stirred kegs, but wait, no plugs in the cooler. What to do? Don’t despair! What if we told you that you don't need to hire an electrician or modify your cooler to power this ingenious invention? Kegnados are low voltage, so you may be able to get power into the cooler in creative ways. Enter the Kegnado Power Extension Kit, a hassle-free solution that can eliminate your need for a plug inside the cooler. 

The Kegnado Revolution

Kegnado is a game-changing device that connects to standard 5- and 10-gallon Corny kegs and 15-gallon Torpedo kegs, addressing the age-old problem of ingredient settling and separation by constantly stirring the contents. Whether it's a classic margarita, an intricate tiki concoction, or your signature cocktail, Kegnado ensures that every pour is consistently delectable. 

Not the Hurdle You Think

Since Kegnado's rollout, beverage installers pointed out that since the Kegnado requires power to operate, they were waiting a long time before installing it because they thought they needed an electrician to install outlets in the cooler. That can change the economics. But does it have to be a speed bump?

Simplifying the Solution

At Kegnado, we believe that innovation should come hand in hand with simplicity. That's why we offer the Kegnado Power Extension Kit, a simple and cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for complicated electrical work. With our kit, you can effortlessly connect multiple Kegnado devices to power and have your cocktails flowing smoothly.

Your cooler probably already has a hole for the tap lines. Simply thread the extension cord through with the tap lines and plug the power supply into the nearest outlet. 

Alternatively, if your door has a soft seal (as most do), you may be able to put duct tape over the cord and run the cord through the door in a place where the wire won’t get pinched. The low voltage power is intrinsically safe. 

What is in The Kegnado Power Extension Kit?

Inside the kit, you'll find a 5.5 mm barrel connector male female extension cable (length 10 feet), and 1 Female to 2 Male Y Power Splitter. If you’re only using one Kegnado, you don't need the splitter. If you have more than one Kegnado, up to 4 can be powered off of one power supply by simply daisy-chaining the Y Splitters with 2 additional Power Extension Kits.

4 Kegnados connected with Y splitters

We also offer a 4-way Power Splitter, from which you can power 4 Kegnados with one power supply and extension cables. 

4 Way Power Splitter connecting 4 Kegnados


We currently offer 10’ kits. Other lengths of 5.5mm barrel extension cords are available on online retailers that handle electronics. 


Benefits of the Kegnado Power Extension Kit

Cost-Effective: There is no need for expensive electrical modifications and professional electricians. The Power Extension Kit is an affordable and DIY-friendly solution.

Kegnado has revolutionized the way cocktails are served on tap, and now with the Kegnado Power Extension Kit, powering your Kegnado devices is more straightforward than ever. Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses and the hassle of electrical work. Embrace innovation, simplicity, and efficiency with Kegnado, and take your cocktail game to new heights. Cheers to perfectly mixed cocktails, hassle-free!

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