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Bloody Bartender

Bloody Bartender Cocktail

This cocktail is a combination of a Bloody Mary and a Bloody Caesar. Hit all of the right notes for those spicy, salty cravings. It is more suitable beverage for a kegged cocktail because it is not as viscous as a typical Bloody Mary. 

Recipe created by Linda Vo

Single Serving Recipe 5 Gallon Batch Recipe 
Sriracha Infused Vodka 1.5 fl oz Sriracha Infused Vodka 7 Bottles (5.25 Liters)
Bloody Mary Mix 1.5 fl oz Bloody Mary Mix 5.25 Liters
Clamato Juice 1.5 fl oz Clamato Juice 5.25 Liters
Lemon Juice 0.5 fl oz Lemon Juice 1.75 Liter
Pickle Juice 0.5 fl oz Pickle Juice 1.75 Liters
Total Volume 5.5 fl oz Total Volume 19.25 Liters (5.09 Gallons)


*This 5.5 fl. oz. The cocktail is served over ice and in a tajin rimmed glass. Garnished with Thai chili pepper (or any pepper on hand), lime wedge and olive on a skewer. Finished with a pickle spear across the top of the glass.

* All cocktails are calculated on a standard 750 mL bottle of the base liquor, which will always be the 1st ingredient.

* The measurements are converted from fluid ounces, to milliliters, to liters. However, the whole bottle is what ultimately is important.

* This batch will yield 118.3 servings.


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