Cold Brew Cocktail

This cocktail is incredibly universal. It can be served as an after-dinner cocktail/coffee, it is great during brunches and lunches, and is a wonderful espresso martini alternative. Cold brew has become much more mainstream and is leading the trends with both coffee lovers and cocktail connoisseurs. 

Recipe created by Linda Vo


Single Serving Recipe 5 Gallon Batch Recipe 
Skyy Cold Brew Vodka 1.5 fl oz  Skyy Cold Brew Vodka 7 Bottles (5.25 Liters)
Kahlua 0.5 fl oz  Kahlua 2.34 Bottles (1.75 Liters) 
Vanilla Syrup 0.5 fl oz  Vanilla Syrup 1.75 Liters 
Fresh Cold Brew Coffee 3 fl oz  Fresh Cold Brew Coffee 10.5 Liters 
Total Volume 5.5 fl oz Total Volume 19.25 Liters (5.09 Gallons)


* This 5.5 fl oz. cocktail, is served over ice and garnished with a mini donut, donut hole or biscotti cookie.

* All cocktails are calculated on a standard 750 mL bottle of the base liquor, which will always be the 1st ingredient. 

* The recipe for the simple syrup is based on a 1:1 ratio as opposed to the typical 2:1 sugar to water ratio. Because these cocktails are not built on or shaken with ice, the extra water accounts for the lack of ice. Kegnado™ will add the desired aeration for the cocktail in lieu of being shaken. 

* The measurements are converted from fluid ounces, to milliliters, to liters. However, the bottle size is what ultimately is important. For example, this batched recipe will use 2.34 bottles of Kahlua, but should be rounded down to 2 bottles, unless you are ok with opening a new bottle to use .34 of it. A slight discrepancy will not hurt the quality of the cocktail, but it will alter the exact measurements and overall cost. 

* This batch will yield 118.3 servings.