Love Me A Good Tiki

This cocktail is a traditional tiki style mai tai. It is sweet, sour, and nutty. A well-balanced cocktail that everyone can enjoy. The orgeat can be viscous and will want to separate from the lemon juice if it sits too long in a pre-batch. Kegnado™ will correct the problem of separation and add aeration that a shaker tin provides, leaving more time to serve this cocktail in large quantities.

Recipe created by Linda Vo

Single Serving Recipe 5 Gallon Batch Recipe 
Aged Rum 2 fl oz  Aged Rum 9 Bottles (6.75 Liters) 
Orgeat 1.25 fl oz  Orgeat 4.2 Liters 
Lemon Juice 1.5 fl oz  Lemon Juice 5 Liters 
Simple Syrup 0.75 fl oz Simple Syrup 2.5 Liters 
Total Volume  5.5 fl oz Total Volume 18.5 Liters (4.9 Gallons) 


* This 5.5 fl. oz. cocktail is served over ice and garnished with a purple orchid, and is a traditional tiki style mai tai.

* All cocktails are calculated on a standard 750 mL bottle of the base liquor, which will always be the 1st ingredient.

* The recipe for the simple syrup is based on a 1:1 ratio as opposed to the typical 2:1 sugar to water ratio. Because these cocktails are not built on or shaken with ice, the extra water accounts for the lack of ice. Kegnado™ will add the desired aeration for the cocktail in lieu of being shaken. 

* The measurements are converted from fluid ounces, to milliliters, to liters. However, the bottle size is what ultimately is important. 

* This batch will yield 114.1 servings.