Rising Sun Mimosa

This is a twist on your classic mimosa with a little extra kick. Great as a kegged cocktail in high volumes, because be honest, who doesn't like a mimosa. Kegnado™ will not only cut down your down time waiting for the bubbles to settle, it will maintain the integrity of the "sparkle" we all enjoy from a mimosa.

Recipe created by Linda Vo 

Single Serving Recipe 5 Gallon Batch Recipe 
Sparkling Wine or Prosecco 2.5 fl oz 

Sparkling Wine or Prosecco 12 Bottles (9 Liters)

Fresh Orange Juice 2 fl oz  Fresh Orange Juice 7.2 Liters 
Cointreau or Triple Sec 0.5 fl oz  Cointreau or Triple Sec 2.4 Bottles (1.8 Liters) 
Grenadine or Cherry Simple Syrup 0.5 fl oz Grenadine or Cherry Simple Syrup 1.8 Liters 
Total Volume 5.5 fl oz Total Volume 19.8 Liters (5.23 Gallons) 


* This 5.5 fl. oz. The cocktail is served without ice in a standard 6 fl. oz. flute and garnished with your choice of an orange twist, dehydrated or fresh orange slice, and or a cherry.

* All cocktails are calculated on a standard 750 mL bottle of the base liquor, which will always be the 1st ingredient.

* The recipe for the simple syrup is based on a 1:1 ratio as opposed to the typical 2:1 sugar to water ratio. Because these cocktails are not built on or shaken with ice, the extra water accounts for the lack of ice. Kegnado™ will add the desired aeration for the cocktail in lieu of being shaken. 

* The measurements are converted from fluid ounces, to milliliters, to liters. However, the bottle size is what ultimately is important. 

* This batch will yield 121.74 servings.