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Ball Lock Self-Closing Keg Tap

Ball Lock Self-Closing Keg Tap

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Love Kegnado, but don't have an extra draft line available? No problem. This ball lock tap features a convenient quick-disconnect system that makes it easy to add a tap to a Corny style keg. The tap core is composed of food-safe 304 stainless steel for robust long-term performance plus rust resistance, and the exterior is coated in a 5-layer chrome finish. The stainless steel internal spring guarantees self-closing to avoid accidental waste. 

The Keg Tap Kit includes:

     Drink Faucet

     Faucet Handle

     Stainless Steel Spring

     Drink Faucet Adapter

     Ball Lock Disconnect

     Faucet Cover

     Faucet Cleaning Brush

     Installation Wrench


Don't forget the Accessory Kit!

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