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Genuine 15 Gallon T15 Kegnado Go Kit

Genuine 15 Gallon T15 Kegnado Go Kit

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The Kegnado 15-Gallon Go Kit is the perfect choice to batch 300+ drinks in one keg. It includes a 15-gallon Torpedo keg, making it effortless to begin your batched beverage journey. The 15-Gallon keg is stirred by the Kegnado T15 Shaft, which is just the right height for the slightly shorter 15-gallon keg. Enjoy top of the line quality and convenience with Kegnados designed to get you going in minutes. 

The Kegnado Go Kit includes:

1 NEW 15-Gallon Premium Torpedo keg

1 Kegnado Keg Plug

1 T15 Kegnado, which includes the following:

       1 Motor with Locking Pin

       1 110VAC to 24 VDC Power Supply

       1 T15 Shaft Assembly with Blades

       1 Extra Blades Kit

       1 Lid Assembly

       1 Automatic Timer


Don't forget the Accessory Kit!

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