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Genuine Kengado 5 Gallon Go Kit

Genuine Kengado 5 Gallon Go Kit

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The Kegnado Go Kit is the perfect choice if you need a 5-gallon Corny keg with your Kegnado.  Kegnado gently and continuously stirs your kegged contents to prevent separation, keeping anything you keg perfectly mixed.

The standard Kegnado "Pulse Drive" Motor has a 2 minute stirring cycle. By stirring for 30 seconds and resting for 90 seconds, the life of the stirring shaft is basically quadrupled. Pulse Drive consumes less power, puts out less heat, drastically extends the life of stirring shafts, and provides a sufficient stir for most beverages. If constant stirring is required, choose the "Continuous Stir" option.

The Kegnado Go Kit includes:

1 NEW five gallon Premium Cornelius Style keg

1 Kegnado Keg Plug

1 Kegnado, which includes the following:

       1 Motor with Locking Pin

       1 110VAC to 24 VDC Power Supply

       1 Shaft Assembly with Blades

       1 Blades Kit

       1 Lid Assembly

       1 Dip Tube

       1 Automatic Timer

 Don't forget the Accessory Kit!

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