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Genuine Kegnado Motor with Locking Pin

Genuine Kegnado Motor with Locking Pin

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The Genuine Kegnado Motor is a high performance, whisper quiet, long life driver. It also doubles as the wrench to install and remove the Shaft Kit, making Kegnado totally tool-free in operation.  Spinning the Kegnado at a gentle 250 RPM, the motor is designed to provide many years of quiet, trouble-free service. 

The Motor Locking Pin is tethered to the motor to ensure the pin cannot be lost. 

Powered by safe 24 volt power, the motor consumes only 11 watts and is housed in a rugged powder-coated heat dissipating aluminum case for cool continuous operation. 

The motor is splashproof when installed on a Kegnado, however, like the power supply, it is NOT SUBMERSIBLE and should be wiped to clean, not sprayed. NEVER spray the coupler pocket with water jets. 

Motor Options:

The standard Kegnado "Pulse Drive" Motor has a 2 minute stirring cycle. By stirring for 30 seconds and resting for 90 seconds, the life of the stirring shaft is basically quadrupled. Pulse Drive consumes less power, puts out less heat, drastically extends the life of stirring shafts, and provides a sufficient stir for most beverages. If constant stirring is required, choose the "Continuous Stir" option.

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