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Genuine 15 Gallon T15 Kegnado Shaft Kit

Genuine 15 Gallon T15 Kegnado Shaft Kit

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Genuine T15 Kegnado Shaft Kits include the entire removable stirring assembly including seals, blades, and the bearing hub assembly, made especially for Torpedo 15-Gallon Kegs. 

Shafts are 304 Stainless with a special ceramic matrix coating for additional chemical compatibility and long life in severe environments. The bearing hub and blades are Polyketone plastic: strong, tough, chemical and heat resistant, and of course food-grade. The shaft seals are food-grade high-temperature UHMWPE for use with cold and hot beverages and a wide range of chemicals. The bearings are lubricated with 3H ingestible food grade grease. No expense was spared in sourcing and crafting the absolute best materials for Kegnado. 

Order additional shaft kits as backup for ultimate reliability. Also essential if you want to batch and seal kegs without re-opening them to swap the shaft: order an extra Lid Assembly and T15 Shaft Kit (this item) for each keg you want to have on deck ready to go for the fastest, safest, most sanitary keg swap-outs.  

Genuine Kegnado Shaft Kit shaft seals have a life of approximately 4,000 hours of use under full pressure and are not rebuildable. You may get much longer use depending on your keg pressures and operating conditions. To optimize and automate run time, consider an Automatic Timer. The Kegnado will continue to operate at the end of the seal life, but you will notice increased CO2 use from leakage. They are easy to diagnose by simply adding some water to the cavity and observing for bubbles; when they are worn out, the Shaft Kit must be replaced. 

T15 Shaft Kit includes:

    1 T15 Shaft Assembly

    1 Blades Kit


Spare O-Ring Kits are available. 

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