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Genuine 5 Gallon Kegnado Kit

Genuine 5 Gallon Kegnado Kit

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Do you already own 5 Cornelius style kegs? If so, this is the kit for you. Kegnado gently and continuously stirs your kegged contents to prevent separation, promising a perfect mix of whatever you keg, every time. 

Each Genuine Kegnado includes all the parts needed to stir a 5 Cornelius style keg:

    1 Motor with Locking Pin

    1 110VAC to 24VDC Power Supply

    1 Shaft Assembly with Blades

    1 Blades Kit

    1 Lid Assembly

    1 Dip Tube

    1 Automatic Timer


Keg not included. If you need a keg, the Go Kit is perfect for you!

Don't forget the Accessory Kit!

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