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Kegnado Demo Sale Kit

Kegnado Demo Sale Kit

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This kit is designed specially for our Value-Added Resellers. Everything you need to start showing and selling. 

This kit includes:

    1 Complete 5-Gallon Kegnado Go-Kit to demo, loan, or sell immediately

    1 Kegnado with custom 5-gallon window keg

    1 Dip Tube

    1 Rugged, road-ready transport case

    1 Kegnado Lid Plug

    1 Ball-Lock Tap

     Red, white and blue floating balls


*IMPORTANT* The custom window keg cannot be pressurized and is not food-safe. It is for demonstration purposes ONLY and should not be used to serve any consumables.

The value of the kit is over $3,000 - save 50%!

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